20 kW Generator

Smarter. Quieter. Stronger. Our new GE 20kW1 Standby Generator is one of our smartest home generators yet. Featuring our ground-breaking Symphony® II power management technology, advanced safeguarding features that meet rigorous industry fire protection standards, and a unique air flow design that makes this our quietest standby generator yet. This backup generator also features one of the best comprehensive parts and labor warranties in the business - 5 year limited warranty2.

By using power management, GE Generator Systems power more of your home's appliances with a smaller, more fuel-efficient home generator that allows your family to have whole-house managed backup power. Experience the tranquility of knowing your family is protected, with the GE 20kW1 home standby generator.

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Our Quietest Generator Yet

Featuring unique air-flow technology, our 20kW1 standby generator is our quietest generator yet. And because it is 50% quieter than many portable generators, this 20kW1 is the best choice to keep your neighbors happy.

Natural Gas Pressure Requirements

Rated for operation in areas with low natural gas pressure. This standby generator can operate at 5'' to 7'' water column.

Designed Around Your Protection

Thoroughly tested against rigorous National Fire Protection Agency standards, this is the only 20kW1 standby generator with an all-steel enclosure and all-steel base, so it can withstand temperatures more than double that of aluminum and far beyond that of plastic. With an external, automatic gas shut-off valve, low pressure regulator and the only internal thermal protection system found on any 20kW1 standby in the industry, we’ve raised the bar on protecting your home and family.

High-Performance Engine

Proven to deliver non-stop reliability, our 20kW standby generators are powered by premium-grade Vanguard™ engines that are developed for tough commercial applications.

Symphony® II Power Management

The patented Symphony® II power controls provide a managed power solution that gives you access to every powered item in your house, just not at the same time. By using power management modules, appliances become prioritized and turn on and off based on need and the electrical load placed on the standby generator.

Convenient Monitoring

Includes a wireless monitor for inside your home, so you know your backup generator is working without having to go outside.


This standby generator is available for sale in all 50 states.