12 kW Generator

The GE 12kw home standby generator is now 50% quieter* and 50% smaller compared to our old 12kW¹. Best suited for small to medium-sized homes, the new and affordable generator from GE is combined with the Symphony® II Power Management System. Central air conditioners, electric clothes dryers, electric stovetops, ovens, or whirlpool tubs, often require a large amount of power to start up and operate properly. And since not all electronics use power the same way, The Symphony® II is able to efficiently send power to the entire home, keeping the unique need of each electronic in mind.

The GE 12 kw¹ generator is the best backup power solution for power outages caused by severe weather or grid system failures. Whether the electricity need is small or great, powering just one refrigerator and TV or up to two-4 ton air conditioners, the 12kw backup generator from GE will reliably keep everything running smooth!

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Symphony® II Power Management

The patented Symphony® II power controls offer a whole house solution for virtually every size home. Most high wattage appliances require a large and expensive generator to meet the demands of a larger home. With Symphony® II Power Management, you can manage the power demands of even the most power hungry appliances.

Streamlined, Space-Saving Design

With the streamlined, compact design, the new 12kW1 is 50% smaller than our previous 12kW generator.

Now 50% Quieter

Powered by our high quality Vanguard™ engine, improved muffler design and re-engineered alternator intake ducting, the new 12kW¹ is 50%* quieter than our previous 13kW¹.


The system delivers clean, stable power, protecting your computers and other sensitive electronic equipment from damage.

Included Extras

Each system includes an automatic transfer switch, hour meter, battery charger, and synthetic oil.