10 kW Generator

Smart Value

Power your essentials PLUS up to 2 air conditioners with our new 10kW1 Home GE Generator. Featuring our groundbreaking Symphony® II Power Management System, our 10kW1 standby generator is smaller, smarter and more fuel-efficient than your average backup power system.

With an unmatched warranty, power management technology and the smallest standby generator footprint of its class, our 10kW1 generator is our best value home generator. Compact. Convenient. Powerful. The smart generator.

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Smallest Standby Generator

Featuring a new space-saving design, the compact 10kW1 has the smallest standby generator footprint of its class. Its unobtrusive design makes it a perfect fit for homeowners with small properties.

Natural Gas Pressure Requirements

Rated for operation in areas with low natural gas pressure. This standby generator can operate at 3.5'' to 7'' water column.

Convenient Placement Options

Our 10kW1 standby generators can be placed as close as 18” from the home in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency testing standard3. Our 10kW standby generator is the best choice for home owners with tight lot lines.

Long-Lasting Durability

Our enclosures are made from rust-resistant, durable Galvanneal steel, providing years of protection against chipping and abrasions on your GE generator.

Smarter Backup Power Solution

The patented Symphony® II power controls provide a managed power solution that gives you access to every powered item in your home, just not at the same time. By using power management modules, appliances are prioritized and turn on/off based on need and the electrical load placed on your generator.

Designed Around Your Protection

Thoroughly tested to meet rigorous National Fire Protection Agency standards, this is the only 10kW standby generator with an all-steel enclosure and all-steel base, so it can withstand temperatures more than double that of aluminum and far beyond that of plastic.

With an external, automatic gas shut-off valve, low pressure regulator and the only thermally protected fuel system found on any 10kW standby generator in the industry, we’ve raised the bar on protecting your home and family.3


This standby generator is available for sale in all 50 states.