11kW Guardian

The #1 selling home standby generator. With Generac’s Guardian Series, you can ensure you have the level of coverage that is appropriate to your needs. Either match your needs to a prepackaged system or have your dealer or contractor help design the best system for you.

Consumers choose Generac automatic generators not only for their proven reliability but also for the innovative features engineered with home and business owners in mind.

  • Generac OHVI® Engine - Purpose-built for generators to withstand extended run times
  • True Power™ Technology - Utility grade power
  • RhinoCoat™ - Tough, durable enclosures
  • Convenient Installation - Certified for optimal placement 18" away from a building
  • QuietTest™ - Quiet operation during weekly exercise
  • Mobile Link™ - Remote monitoring for added peace of mind (sold separately)
  • Evolution™ Controller - Smart, user-friendly controls
  • DPM™ Technology - Intelligent power management allows for more coverage with a small generator
  • Fuel Options - Ability to run on natural gas or LP fuel

Tough. Reliable. Purpose-Built. Generators are often required to run for hours, days or even weeks at a time. Continuous use can cause a lot of strain on engines not specifically engineered to withstand extended run times. We have developed robust engine solutions to ensure our generators provide the reliability necessary to power through these situations.