25kW 076180

When your power goes out, a 25kW1 Briggs & Stratton® liquid-cooled standby generator keeps your home running. In seconds, our commercial grade generator provides enough power to run heat or air conditioning units, while still being able to turn on lights and your appliances.

Symphony® II Power Management automatically balances the power needs of your home’s electrical loads – including high-wattage items like air conditioning units, electric stoves, and electric dryers – to give your family uninterrupted, whole-house power with a more affordable home generator.

Briggs & Stratton has been providing reliable engine power for more than 106 years. Trust the proven power experts at Briggs & Stratton for complete peace of mind.

More Affordable Whole-House Power – With Symphony® II Power Management, you can select up to eight high-wattage appliances based on your family’s specific power needs. It then manages the distribution of power from the generator to those appliances – automatically. This load management ensures the generator won’t overload so your family can continue with its daily routine uninterrupted.

Additionally, the Symphony® II Power Management transfer switch is wired into your home’s existing wiring, where it monitors your home’s electrical circuits, so you save even more on the cost of installation.

Powerful and Reliable Engine – The robust automotive style engine, built and tested to Briggs & Stratton quality and durability standards, delivers consistent performance resulting in the dependability you expect from a backup generator.

Easy Monitoring – Always know how your generator is performing by using one of our available monitoring systems. The Basic Wireless Monitor is placed inside your home and will let you know when your generator is working or if it needs service without you ever leaving the house. The InfoHub™ Wireless Monitor tells you what you want to know about your generator from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Alerts will let you and/or your dealer know what service needs to be preformed on the generator.

Sleek and Durable Enclosure – The streamline steel enclosure has been designed with your homes landscape in mind. The charcoal gray color is ideal for blending in with its surroundings. The narrow profile makes it easy to move through spaces, such as a gate, during installation. Built from the galvaneal steel, used in the automotive industry, to ensure years of protection.

Quick Response – Automatically powers