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Turn the performance on with our Briggs & Stratton® 12kW† Home Generator Systems. Its streamlined design meets the power needs of your whole house, with a smaller, more affordable unit. Briggs & Stratton automatic home generators provide permanent, backup protection from power outages for your home, and your family.

Whole-house power is now a whole lot more affordable with Briggs & Stratton’s Symphony® II Power Management system. As the most customizable Power Management system anywhere, this patented technology is the easiest way to give your family unprecedented peace of mind and protection during a power outage.

Permanent Protection from a Proven Performer

Fully Automatic – Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away.

More Affordable Whole-House Power – Symphony® II Power Management automatically balances the power needs of your home’s electrical loads – including high-wattage items like air conditioning units, electric stoves, and electric dryers – to give your family uninterrupted, whole-house power with a more affordable home generator.

Streamlined, Space-Saving Design – Its sleek, compact profile blends in beautifully with your home’s exterior and landscaping, much like your central air conditioner.

Durable Outdoor Enclosure – Galvanneal steel provides years of rustproof, outdoor protection - perfect for extreme weather conditions.

Briggs & Stratton® Engine – Application engineered to stringent home generator specifications, these premium engines will provide years of long-lasting, reliable standby power. Because Engines Matter.