The Perfect Power Outage

The Perfect Power Outage

Is your family ready for rolling blackouts? Is your business prepared for electricity shortages to become the new normal?

Due to several factors, Michigan's two largest energy providers, DTE and Consumers Energy, believe a perfect storm is on the horizon for Lower Michigan. Under a planned "retirement" of nine coal fired power plants, Michigan will experience a capacity loss equal to the amount of power used by Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing.

The idea to build new, more energy efficient power plants remains "an idea" as legislators continue to battle it out in our partially deregulated state. Under the current law up to 10% of Michigan's electricity can be provided from out-of-state. Energy officials are not willing to invest in the new plants unless they have a fully regulated market and the secure customer base that comes with it.

Don't get stuck in the dark when the lights go out. You can confidentially ignore the statement made by Daniel Bishop, the media relations director at Consumers Energy, who said "It's hard to plan for the future when we don't know what to expect".  With a Kohler generator system, you, your family and your business can be ready and prepared for electricity shortages regardless of how often they occur and their duration.

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