Importance of Changing Engine Oil

Importance of Changing Engine Oil

Regular oil changes are a necessary part of generator ownership for optimal engine operation and for smooth running. Changing the oil in your generator is probably one of the most important things an owner can do to ensure a high quality function and to extend the life of the equipment itself. It improves engine and horsepower performance, allowing your generator to maximize the horsepower it puts out.

Whether its your car, truck or generator, changing your oil and oil filter as part of a regular maintenance plan reduces the friction in the engine and prevents overheating while removing impurities that build up around the engine. Not removing impurities that build up such as dust, metallic shavings, antifreeze and more can mean lowered fuel efficiency and engine processing.

Of course, when talking about the benefits of an oil change for any engine, it is actually what the oil change is preventing that is the real motivation for including it in your routine maintenance schedule. Below are several major issues that can be a direct result of not changing the engine oil as recommended:

  • engine part failure
  • parts grinding together without lubrication
  • parts fusing together
  • parts jamming

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